Application Registration Process

Step 1 - Download the Application Form
1) Download the Application Form Click here to Download the Application Form
2) Fill the application details
3) Register the application (Click on Register Application Menu )

Step 2 - Nature Of Installation
1) Select the section to which the proposed site belongs where the connection is required.
2) Select the locality that Proposed Installation belongs to (CMC And URBAN local bodies OR Village Panchayat)
3) Select your Nature of installation (Ref the document to select Nature of installation)

Step 3 - General Particulars
Select Applicant Type (Individual OR Organization)
Enter Name ,Father/Husband Name and Nominee Name (In case of Individual)
Enter Name Of Organization ,Authorized Signatory Name and Designation (In Organisation)
Enter Address Details Power Supply is required like
House/Flat No ,Floor No,Street Name Area Name,Cross ,Main City ,Pincode,Phone,Mobile No,Landmark ,E-Mail

Step 4 - Permanent Address
Enter Permanent Address Details like
House/Flat No ,Floor No,Street Name,Area Name,Cross ,Main,City ,Pincode,Phone,Mobile No,Landmark ,E-Mail

Step 5 - Connection & Account Details
Enter Connection & Account Details like
Desired Load (kW/HP/KVA)
Purpose (Lighting OR Heating)
Phase Requirement (I OR III Phase)
Power Required For (Residential ,Commercial,Industrial etc...)
If its Govt Inst Select (Central or State)
If Public Street/Park Light Select (Self/Rental/Public Use)

Step 6 - Additional Details
If Special Govt Scheme Select the Scheme (BJ/KJ/RGGY/GANGA KALYAN)
Select Type of Ownership(Individual/Leased/Rental/Co-Owned etc...)
If IP set Select Water Source (Open Well/Bore well etc...) Enter the Nearest RR Number and Account ID of the connection where connection already exists (At least One Detail)

Step 7 - Upload Documents and Save Application
Upload Required documents for New Connection
Save the application
After saving the application you will get unique Application Id and this will be used for tracking the application status.
Note - For Multiple Connection,MS Building and Layout click on Track Application after submitting the Application then click on Application Id
and Add Multiple Connections for MS Building & Multiple Connection and Add Multiple Sites for Layout before ARF Payment Entry.
To Apply For New Connection Please Login